Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Getting Deals on Those Dreaded Diapers

So this post may not apply to you and aren't you lucky for that. I know though that some of us are still in that diaper buying stage. If you use disposable diapers like me, then you are racing through packs faster than you'd like. With my first I did fine with diapers at least using coupons, but never getting terrific deals. My grocery store had them on sale regularly and with a program for shopping for baby supplies, they gave you money back towards groceries.

My first glimpse into saving money through coupons and stocking up started when Cole was a few months old and I was trying to save on wipes and diapers. I first came across Baby cheapskate, a well loved and supported blog. That was three and a half years ago and Baby cheapskate is much more read now. At the time, the writer even sent me business cards to help spread the word about her blog. Baby cheapskate is still a great source to use to figure out where to shop for diapers. Each Sunday she lists the sales and the best prices for the most popular brands of diapers.
Some more diaper buying tricks....
  • Buy multiple packs when you find a good sale. Don't open the packs and if your child suddenly jumps sizes, you can easily exchange for a larger size.
  • Have a leak problem, torn tabs, diaper have a chemical smell? Write the company immediately explaining the problem. They will usually send you out multiple coupons for more packs of their brand to keep you loyal. I have had a few problems with both Huggies and Pampers and both companies sent me coupons for multiple packs.
  • Drug Stores are a great option for buying diapers. Often at CVS I can get an overage on buying something using a coupon. This may mean an extra $3 back in Extra Care Bucks that I can in turn use for diapers.
  • Lots of my friends have used club stores to buy diapers, this is something I have not done personally. My friend recently stacked coupons to get a great deal on Huggies and found even more coupons inside her box. Plus for some having to not buy the diapers so often is their best option.
  • Try a generic brand. I recently tried our Shop Rite brand and it worked great!
  • Finally my latest love..... Amazon Mom. This is a new program that rewards me with an Amazon Prime membership for buying a necessity like diapers through them. Your first three months are free and then for each $25 you spend in the baby store in one purchase you get an additional month of prime membership free. This in and of itself is great, but the diaper deals are terrific too! Use this and the subscribe and save buying method and receive 30% off diaper prices. Just cancel your subscription if you don't need the order repeated. For me this has made buying diapers free! I use my swagbuck gift cards and gift cards I earn doing simple surveys online to pay for my diapers ( want to find out more about this, just ask).
Hoping this helps you save too! We are hoping for the ultimate savings, which is early potty training but that won't come for a while. In the meantime I will keep looking for the deals to stretch this budget!

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