Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Math Blaster Review and Giveaway

As an educator, I found the most effective way to review math facts and concepts was through the use of technology.  When teaching my students used to use Math Blaster to practice their math facts in an engaging and purposeful way.  When Math Blaster contacted me about doing a review, I was thrilled because I already loved this brand and saw how the use of their games could improve student performance.  Cole's Kindergarten Math program is quite rigorous and he has already moved on to addition so it is already time for Math practice.  Math Blaster is connected with another one of our favorites Jump Start so while playing over on that site, Cole had already started to experiment with Math Blaster.

Cole shared some of his favorite features:
  • The space theme.
  • Having your own pet that you can care for while exploring the world.
  • That many of the games have you aim and shoot.
  • It feels like a big kid game. 

Cole and I spent some time on the site together.  Their target audience ranges from 6-12 so Cole being 5 meant he needed some help to really get the full effect of some games.  We had a blast practicing addition facts to 10 in Alien Wrangler. In this action packed drill and practice game, you must answer the facts while riding an alien rodeo style.
He also had a great time playing Hyperblast, where you must defeat an evil robot through shooting math facts' correct sums.   We even experienced one game that taught about angles, so if they bring up straight lines and obtuse angles in Kindergarten he will be a few steps ahead.

Technology and time gaming is now a part of our children's lives. I feel that it is most beneficial to let your child game while learning.  Math Blaster is an amazing tool that engages your child in learning without them feeling like they are learning, which for me means success.   Math Blaster has given me a three month membership to award to one of my readers.  Please enter and then let your child explore Math Blaster . I was given a free trial in return for running this giveawy, but as always the ideas expressed are my own.

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  1. Sounds great. Andriy would love this!

  2. Where was this when I was little? Looks like a fun way to learn. HAha.

  3. This would be fun for my 6 year old daughter!

  4. My six year old has been begging me to upgrade to the full version of Math Blaster forever!

  5. I think my 6 year old grandson would love this!

  6. Math is not my strong suit. Any help is fantastic!

  7. This is perfect for my daughter who is struggling with fluency all around (math and reading). I want to give it a try and then see if it is something we could use in my special Ed and the general Ed classrooms. Thanks for the chance!

  8. We homeschool and I would use this for my almost 5 year old son..Mr. Soldier man. He would love this.
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  9. Another great teaching tool to add to my resources! Thanks for the review.

  10. Looks like a great tool to use with my kids to enhance their math skills!

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