Monday, May 2, 2011

Runner Up Baby Names

Naming a baby is probably one of the biggest steps in preparing for your little one. It could also be one of the biggest "debates" between the mother and father. Some people name their baby before they are even pregnant, some name the baby when they find out the gender and others wait. We found out the gender on both our kids, but didn't pick a name till after they were born. With Cole we had a nice list narrowed down for first names, but I was going to start the middle name list once I was done with school for the summer and had some time. My water broke 6 weeks early on the last day of school and so I was caught off guard. In the 24 hours I was in the hospital in labor with Cole, Rich and I settled on his first name and then right before I had to leave and was filling out the paperwork I decided to just use Rich's middle name Steven as his middle name. We just didn't have any other options even though my friend Julia's recommendation of Slaw gave us a chuckle.
For Cecily, we had a short list of names and Cole actually selected her name. The interesting part was that my two and a half year old could pronounce and picked this name, yet we are still having issues with people not being able to pronounce her name and I don't mean casual acquaintances. Her middle name was up for debate between Claire after my grandmother and Kate which just seemed to flow.

So this brings me to the round about point of the whole post. What were the second choices?

Cole 's runner up name was Colin though I had a soft spot for Cooper , but Rich would not go for that.
Cecily would have been Cassidy and probably Cassie for short.
I could see Cecily as a Cassie, but not Cole as a Colin.

What were your runner up names?


  1. With Cody, we also liked Justin.

    With the adoptions (that ultimately both failed) we were going to name the baby girl Gia and the baby boy Caleb.

  2. we cant agree on any boy names....and it tokk us 12 hrs to name Lauren she was supposed to be Brianna Nicole...we had Nicole forever befoe we even thought of lauren....Aubrie we just agreed on. Our boy names for lauren were Andrew and Zachary! but now anything i like derek doesnt

  3. If we had a girl, she was going to be Kiera Grace or Avery Grace. My husband also loved Leah. For a boy, we loved Ryan Joshua...and that's who we got! :) We also loved James. I tend to like "different" names but my husband doesn't. We argued a lot over baby names!! We both agreed on, and loved, Ryan, so what was easy!

  4. Connor's middle name was always going to be Dennis after Justin's dad. His first name was supposed to be Brandon, which I had picked out before I had even met Justin. I saw the name Connor somewhere and ended up changing my mind. Had he been a girl, he would have been Madelyn. Zachary was always going to have the middle name Bruce for my dad, but his first name was almost Noah. I don't know how or why we settled on Zachary. If he had been a girl, he would have been Addison or Madison. If I were to have another kid, my girl name is Leah and boy name...I dunno. I was almost Molly Ann or Danielle Michelle. Ended up Holly Ann because dad liked it. Only years later would my mom find out my dad was sleeping with a woman named Holly when I was born.

  5. Well let's see how you can screw up a kid...shall we!

    My son- I had just watched them film the movie "Logan's Run" in Ft Worth where I was living. We liked LOGAN and wanted to call him that. My last name was Randolph. We liked Daniel also EXCEPT Logan Daniel Randolph sounded too much like MOGAN DAVID WINE... NO GO! So we named him Daniel Logan Randolph and just called him Logan- except the folks at the doctors office would call "Daniel?" and we'd just sit there... at his HS grad and they called him DAVID Logan Randolph ??? who?? and all of his diplomas and degrees say Daniel L Randolph?????? it gets worse

    My daughter- Amanda (for the song by Don Williams) Michelle (by the Beatles) and we were gonna call her MANDY- only thing is her 16 mo old brother Logan could not say Mandy- he said "Mimi" and that stuck and that is what she is called. When she turned 16 and went to get her drivers license- I had to spell AMANDA for her and she had to stand there and practice writing it coz she never used it before that day. Now her new license says Amanda but she signed it Mimi so it matches her checking account- but not all of her paychecks... a mess... and her diplomas & degrees say Amanda....
    YEP I screwed them up but good!

    My ex-husband still laughs his butt off coz I LOVED the name "Pipa Celeste" I once knew a little dark haired, big dark eyes beautiful little girl and I fell in love with the name- NOT HIM!

    And the real kicker is- my first name is "Lori-Lyn" no middle name and only 1 n in Lyn. It matches the little motel in southern Alabama my 6 mo pregnant mother saw in her travels and said "That sure is a pretty name- The Lori-Lyn Motel" and that's how I was named...

    Yep- we sure can screw up our kids!!!

    And Logan & Brandy wanted their 1st son to have Logan as his middle name and hoped it would be passed on thru the generations- not to be- Seth Logan, and then Kaleb James & Kaeden Scott. They wouldn't tell us the names they picked ahead of time. We were waiting at the viewing window and thru the glass Mimi asked Logan what they named the new baby boy? He said APGAR 9 and she thought THAT was the babies name... LOL Nope- it was Kaeden

    Names should be unique- my brother named his 2 yr old daughter
    "Babe Alexis Beck" and calls her Babe- it truly fits her. She can go by Alexis when she goes to school if Babe causes issues. and her initials are

  6. Keeping the initials J.P.C. was important to Josh, and we absolutely didn't want a Jr running around. It only took us a few hours to agree on James Patrick. There really wasn't a runner up name for him.
    If he had been a girl, I really loved the name Aislynn even though Josh would not agree to that eight years ago. At that time, we agreed on Maddison Riley. If we are fortunate enough to have a girl in the future, Aislynn would have been my choice, but we will pick something else just as unique since we now have a beautiful little Aislinn (different pronounciation) in the family :-) Actually, I'm probably giving myself bad luck, but I already have names picked out for our next one.