Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Sometimes You Need a "Break"down

There is no word in our language that could describe just how difficult it is to be a mother and I only just have begun this journey. Children are needy, hard headed, and selfish beings and though we love them for all their good qualities these not so attractive traits can bring us to our knees. Only a few weeks ago, I found myself in the inevitable breakdown moment. Cecily has become increasingly easier over the last month, but if you have been reading my blog or have seen me in person you know that she challenges me to my core. Cole though easier on a moment to moment basis can be as hard headed as a mule. At the end of day when Rich is working and my nerves are frayed it feels like it will never end and luckily by 8:00 they are all tucked in and I get a refresh.
There are times though when as a mom, I need a good hearty wallow in the puddle of parenting meltdown. Last month, Cecily had a terrible time in the nursery with hitting others and being fresh. My friends who are the workers got two hours of my child being nasty and this was more mortifying to me than if strangers had been watching her. So I gathered my little darlings and took them home, fed them lunch, put her for her nap and allowed myself a little breakdown. Now I didn't do it alone, my poor husband bore the brunt of it from work with me going on and on. In traditional fashion, I was over it and moved on thinking she was a wonderful human within the next hour. Women are like that I think, they just need that out of control there is something wrong with my child moment then we pull ourselves together and move on. The point being, I think a good cry once in a while is healthy and normal as a parent. It is important that we can admit as parents that no matter how darling and sweet your children are, that there are these moments where enough feels like enough. If you care to share here that you too are a mom that needs an occasional meltdown, please do!

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