Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Still Sick!

Wishful thinking was that by now we would be well, we just are not! Today all four of us are on antibiotics, my last day and Cole's first. It is only Cole's second time on them ever and this is Cecily's first. We have spent plenty of money at CVS this week, so much so that I don't even feel a little guilty for getting so many toiletries free there!
This all stinks, but reminds me of how lucky we are not to have a chronically ill child. It is so exhausting being up all night, but I know it will pass. I can't help but feel for people whose lives are spent day in and day out caring for a sick or special needs child. It is my wish that someday when I don't have little ones any more I could design some sort of respite program for parents of children with illness or special needs. Parenting is a hard job when done without special circumstances, but with them it must feel like a monumental task.


  1. The instant you start your respite program, can I be #1 customer? Seriously, though, as with neurotypical children, it does get easier with time as they do develop. But the last few weeks have not been terribly fun. Kinda like yours.

  2. Sarah,
    I know you guys have been going through the same thing, it is awful! I would love to do a once a month or even quarterly program so parents with special needs children could get out. Maybe through Hope someday it would work:)

  3. In line with saving money and coupons, etc. Did you know that generic antibiotic scripts can be filled at Shoprite for FREE? I have gotten them for Ava a few times for ear infections. You don't even need to already fill your scripts there! :)

    =Nicole Buttery

  4. I got my generic z pack there on Saturday but they had me pay a co pay???