Monday, February 20, 2012

Get Off of My Cloud

Yesterday my husband and I ventured into the latest century by purchasing iphones.  Living a few minutes from an Apple Store made it easy or so one would think.  Basically Rich and I most related to an elderly patron using a walker with brakes.  I am not kidding that we were seated with a lady in her eighties who stuck her IPad under one arm as she scooted towards the door.   After an hour, they had us all set up with two IPhones.  Rich and I decided we wanted to continue to share an account for buying apps since I handle the finances, but that is as far as I wanted to go with sharing.  We are married and I only still have so much personal space left.  When we got home, we realized that all of Rich's 400 contacts had invaded my address book and all 50 of mine had invaded his.  Two more trips to the Apple Store and his people are still hanging in my phone.  Looks like deleting contacts will be how I spend the first few hours playing with the new phone.  I just need to be left alone on my Icloud!

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