Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

My Mother's Day started at about 1:45 AM when Cecily uncharacteristically woke up upset and thirsty.  After a drink she protested not wanting to return to her room and so me not being able to be rational humped into bed with us. If you have ever slept with a child in your bed, you know the word sleep hardly fits the situation.   By 5:50, I was completely exhausted and Rich had already headed out on a quick run when Cole busted in to say Happy Mother's Day.  So the day started that way and even though Rich tried to corral the kids out of the room for me to catch some sleep it never did quite happen.  Every year I dream of sleeping in till 7:00, but maybe it is time to let go of this fantasy for another few years.

So instead of being upset that my Mother's Day did not involve rest, we headed out of the house.  Aren't we blessed to be only an hour from the beach, there is a benefit to living in New Jersey! So we headed to Long Beach Island for a few hours of fun in the sand.  We capped our morning off with the world's most expensive pizza, stopped at Conte's Farm for fresh asparagus, then headed home to get ready for dinner with Rich's mother and grandmother.  Busy and blessed day after all!  Happy Mother's Day!

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