Tuesday, September 4, 2012

36 Life Lessons For 36 Years

Some things that I have learned even if imperfectly on my journey towards 40!

1. Try to maintain perspective in life by remembering how life is for others.
2.  Forgiving others is hard fought but freeing, don't weigh your life down with people that bring you down.  Forgive and move on because by forgiving you actually free yourself.
3.  Good friends are the kind you can not see for months or even years and connect back in step as if no time was lost.
4.  Learn to laugh at yourself.
5.  Life can change in a moment so don't live it in tomorrow but rather today.
6. Feeling old, blast your favorite song from middle school while driving with the windows down.  Even if you are in a van with a bunch of kids and their crumbs it will take you back to a carefree time.
7.  Eat chocolate without guilt.
8.  Stop and people watch especially while at malls, county fairs or the local Wal Mart.
9.  Love your family, because they are the ones that love you back unconditionally and they will be around for life.
10.  If your family is not there for you, find friends who will be.  Put yourself out there and meet people, because they probably are not going to find you while you are just sitting in your house.
11.  Take a risk and try something new, step outside your comfort zone.
12.  Accept compliments.
13.  Accept help.
14.  Give help to others and not in the form of call if you need anything because they will never call.
15.  Cry at a sappy commercial or someone's story or when you child turns to leave you behind as they walk out on their own.
16.  Don't live on credit.
17.  Read a good book.
18.  Don't feel guilty over watching trashy TV, it is a mind break.
19.  Try not to be judgemental, it helps no one.
20.  Enjoy the simple times with your children.  Every day does not need to be an adventure.  My favorite memories are of baking with my mom not going to an amusement park.
21.  Let your children lick the batter and stuff the turkey.
22.  Know your gifts and be proud of them, they were given to you so you could do great things.
23.  When you are losing control, stop and pray.  We all may not believe in the same thing but prayer seems to calm and help.
24.  Accept criticism, we are not designed to be good at everything. I suck at cleaning, listening and am not artistically inclined,  it is okay.
25.  Do not waste your time trying to keep a perfect house, instead make it a happy home.
26.  But keep a clean bathroom, you never know who may need to use it.
27.  Appreciate the things about your spouse that made you fall in love with them and try to accept the things that drive you nuts.
28.  Stop and appreciate the beauty of nature.
29.  Remember happiness is not bought.
30.  Find a hobby or passion that is just for you.
31. Thank people that made a difference in your life.
32. Ask your grandparents to tell you stories about their life before they are gone and the stories go with them.
33.  Pass down your family recipes, keep your history alive.
34.  Know that we all make mistakes and they do not define who we are.
35.  Talk to your child but more importantly listen.
36.   Stop and talk to strangers, you will be amazed at how a simple conversation can change your life.

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