Thursday, March 7, 2013

Little Boy, Big Boy?

As we think towards a new house, I have been getting Cole excited by looking at room theme ideas.  The issue is that he is going to be 6 soon which means he will be 8 before I know it!  We'd hate to invest any time or money setting up a room in a theme that he may just grow out of in the next few months. 
This has already started to happen, as he will no wear his spring jacket that has a little firefighter reference.  It was not long again that the sun rose and set over his special fire rain jacket and boots.  When he looked at the yellow jacket with a confused look on his face, I simply said you may be too old for that now and he agreed.  He is in public school and the kids of today are growing up quickly.  We still watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse here, but his friends have moved onto older things.  He is a good sport to keep things young for his sister's sake.  I try to balance it out by allowing him to watch each of the things the other kids watch once, so he won't feel left out. 

Our truck collection sits in the corner of the room and I have asked if it is time to hand them on to others.  He is not ready to let go yet but I know the time will come soon.  He is growing up and though I will miss the little guy he once was, I could not be prouder of the young man he has become!

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