Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Mother's Day Don't Overthink It

Somewhere in this world there is a husband/father that gives his wife a fabulous Mother's Day.  You know the type where he puts her up in a fancy hotel with a few of her girlfriends along for the ride.  They drink champagne at brunch, then get pedicures, before napping on their balcony overlooking the beach. Oh makes me all warm inside just thinking of it. 

Reality check ladies,Mother's Day is special but not really ever going to live up to your fantasies.  You may get an outing with the kids someplace where you ultimately can not control your urges and do more than your fair of pitching in.  Or maybe it is a lunch out with your mother in law or better yet your husband's family descending on your house.  It may be breakfast in bed with a nice mess left for you to clean. 

If you keep your expectations on the low side, the homemade card and overcooked pancakes will thrill you.  It is a day to celebrate being a mother, which in the life of a mom with little ones means no real time off... like ever... for maybe... another 5 years. Try to think of getting that break you deserve and need another day because most likely it won't happen on this day.  Most children don't want to celebrate Mother's Day without their mothers....  Look on the bright side if your little ones go to school chances are you will get a very special plant perhaps in a painted pot and that is enough to make my day! So from our messy, chaotic and crumb filed house to yours Happy Mother's Day.

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