Thursday, October 23, 2014

And Like That it is Over.....

My dear friend had her third baby boy this week.  Looking at that little pink squishy faced newborn made my heart skip a beat.  Babies will do that to you.

Just last week, our school district decided it will be looking to push toward full day Kindergarten for next year, the year Cecily starts.  While full day Kindergarten is not new territory to me, it wasn't on my radar since moving to a half day district.  It is funny how in so many ways it comes so quickly, that in five years a squishy faced newborn will become the child boarding a bus full of rowdy five through eleven year olds while heading off to school for seven hours.  Cecily was never really much of a baby and I mean that in all honestly.  Anyone that was around for her first two years can verify her unwillingness to be that last special baby.  By just over a year the high chair was gone, at 20 months she was fully potty trained, and just shy of 2 years old she sat in a stroller for the very last time.  Sometimes I will say to my husband,"Do you remember her being a baby?"  We both agree we have more memories of Cole than Cecily, probably due to her eagerness for us to view her as a big kid. 

All this said is she really ready to be gone all day every day of the week next year?  She still likes me to help her get dressed.  She still enjoys being carried even though I can only do it for a few minutes these days.  Still likes alone time home without her brother and snuggling with her dog.  In reality, am I ready for her to go to school all day?  I have had the same job for over 7 years and now that changes.  I love each new stage, but preschool stage is one of my favorite.  The squeaky voices, eagerness to learn, learning explosion, the age of princesses and super heroes.  I will miss all that and my little girl who has never really wanted to be little even when she really still was.

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