Saturday, February 26, 2011

To Target or not....

So my first post relates back to my thought of the morning, should I or shouldn't I hit Target this morning? They are having their celebration of Read Across America, which could be fun for the kids but proved a little anticlimactic last year. Of course they gave out a $10 off $50 coupon which is a plus. I have coupons for plenty of free or almost free things, but the problem with Target is that you rarely ever get in and out of there without buying something you were not supposed
to. I am good, but those little end cap deals get the best of me. Last time when we went in to buy C's Valentine Day cards we walked out spending $16 which is $14 more than the junky cards cost. Don't get me wrong I love! Target but we all have our places where we spend more than we should, where is yours?


  1. The fabric store!!!!!!!! Oh lordy lordy!
    I once went to Wally world with my sister- she said she NEVER could go in WM without spending $50. She needed contact solution that day- I marched her in- straight to the stuff and out the checkstand... all spent $2.50 she was shocked! Mind you I had to get diverting her attention off the sales crap... but she did it.

  2. look at you girlfriend, yay!!!

    almost every store I'm in I spend more than I thought I was going to -- uness I'm on a time crunch, then I speed walk through!!

  3. Target is most definitely my store as well! I always try to stay on task and buy what I need, but I almost always end up buying at least one thing that wasn't on the list!

  4. Love blogs! Fun!!!! Definitely have a huge problem walking out of target with only what i went in there for...same for Joann Fabrics!