Saturday, February 26, 2011

To Walk or not to walk that is the question....

So Cecily has taken this sudden interest in thinking about walking. For now she stands alone and claps for herself or will hold my hands and walk around. She'll be ten months this week so it is probably about time for her to start. This is different for us since Cole didn't walk till he was 15 months old. In fact at her age, he had just started to crawl. Everyone would always tell us be thankful he doesn't walk, but we found it to be a huge inconvenience. Crawling around every filthy establishment or park was a nightmare! The plus however was that by the time he did walk, he was pretty much a talking and compliant toddler. There were only three months of that chasing around the store or restaurant kind of thing. I can imagine that I will be chasing Cecily for a good amount of my waking hours over the next few months. On a positive note, I bet I can shed the last few pregnancy pounds racing around after her!

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  1. Logan started walking about 7 months old... we learned by holding onto the Old English Sheepdog's fur and walking... oh what fun