Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Lessons for Ten Years Ago

Things I would tell myself ten years ago

1. Sleep in every weekend. Just snuggle in bed and enjoy the fact that you can sleep whenever you want to. In fact if you want to take a nap, just do it!
2. When you are sick, don't go to work. Stay home and get better, rest and watch TV all day. In ten years you won't even have time to wipe your nose so if at all possible, enjoy your sick time now! Plus really why give all those sick days back to work?
3. Go dancing every weekend, because it is fun and you'll miss it later on.
4. Go out to eat a lot, why not? And when you do enjoy the fact that your drink can be placed near the edge of the table and that you can just put your silverware anywhere without little hands grabbing or knocking things over causing a scene.
5. Don't rent, buy and then sell that property somewhere around 2004. You will make some good money.
6. Clean and organzie your apartment, I mean really what is your excuse you have plenty of time!
7. The best things in life are yet to come, but for now enjoy the freedom of just having to take care of you!


  1. Some other thoughts...
    Enjoy having all those cute little knick-knacks around your house... one day you won't be able to have them.
    Enjoy being able to walk out of the house with NO BAG or purse... just your id in your pocket...
    Enjoy being able to shop or leave the house at ANY HOUR... freedom to just go.

    I know there are a ton more...

  2. A shower, I remember being able to shower, shave and wash everything, then put lotion on and not forgetting deoderant or having to get dressed wet...
    Shopping, being able to shop for clothes. Try things on. Buying things you liked, that looked good on you. Not just because they are on the clearance rack and i have a coupon, ohh let me get a large just in case...
    Work that extra day (ya know the day your bff called out and needs u to cover for her)- YOUR GETTING PAID FOR IT AND YOU JUST GOT A FULL NIGHTS SLEEP!
    TRAVEL. See more than Vegas and Florida! Have pictures to show your kids!