Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Parental Tidal Wave

Had a great morning with friends at my MOPS meeting and my kiddos did well, which is a relief. Great morning and then we hit 12:00. In a moment my collapsed, all at the hands of a hungry and tired three year old. Funny how much power those little buggers hold! I can't remember the last time Cole has had a time out, months maybe but this week he has been hitting the wall. So in a matter of moments, my seemingly normal day unraveled completely. There I was sitting on the bathroom floor with Cole swatting at me and screaming about not getting in the bathtub while his sister who was terrified by his behavior was breaking down and hysterically crying in the tub while trying to crawl out. Me, I had no control. It happens to the best of us and sometimes on a daily basis.
The thing is these worst moments of parenting are our best stories, ones we'll tell for years to come. Or at least for me, Rich and I will laugh about it later on tonight.
The good news is that he complied in the end and after eating turned back into the lovable three year old he usually is or at least for this moment.

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