Thursday, March 10, 2011

Good Mom /Bad Mom

Good mom moment- making brownies with my 3 year old who loves to bake.
Bad mom moment - letting 10 month old eat said brownie so I could cook dinner.

Good mom moment- Taking my kids out for a walk yesterday for fresh air.
Bad mom moment- not making my sick child wear a hat cause it was not worth the fight.

Good mom moment- taking my very well behaved and responsive child to the doctor where he was able to explain all his symptoms.
Bad mom moment- realizing that the cough medicine really knocked him out and then thinking this would really work on a night when he would not go to sleep. (I'd never do it, but I thought it:))

Share one of your good mom/bad mom moments:)


  1. These are my sickies from yesterday!

  2. Good mom moment: helping my 7 year old every day with his homework.

    Bad mom moment: not getting it done as soon as he gets home from school because his concentration level is usually shot by then. We wait until the following morning most days.

  3. Good mom moment: Being able to keep my sons (4 yrs) chokeing hazard toys away from Alanis (10 mths)
    Bad mom moment: Letting her play with an Elmo that could slip down her throat in an instant just so i could grab what I neede in CVS...

    Good mom moment: Always to the point with parenting,, never bribing my kids with things.
    Bad mom moment: Told Michael (4yrs) He could have any candy if he was good in CVS!! Yes Lindsey and Brynn, Thanks to you two im hooked on CVS :)