Sunday, April 3, 2011

Because my Husband is a Firefighter

Cecily has been sleeping better at night after she'd been sick and up a lot. The other night she made it through till 4:30, but couldn't resettle and so I found myself half asleep trying to get her to calm down enough to go back to sleep. As I sat in her room, I could hear the traffic going by outside. Living on a busier road there are people going by at all hours. I heard a car stop seemingly outside our house. I thought to myself that I probably wasn't hearing things correctly, but when I heard more noise out front I took a look out her window. That's when my heart dropped and I panicked. Rich was working a night overtime and he was not at home. Here it was 4:30 in the morning and a car was parked out front and a man was walking to my door. My mind went there, the place that I don't really ever go and thought that something had happened to Rich. I panicked and threw the baby at my mom, who happened to be here too and rushed to the front door to receive the news. Instead I received the Saturday newspaper. In hindsight it seems a little silly, but it is still a reality when your loved one works a dangerous job. The next day I got to relax knowing that Rich was home safe and sound and appreciated that he had made it through another shift safely. Makes me think of all the military families dealing with this day in and day out.


  1. Thankful your husband is just fine. Glad all Marshall does is manage thousands of computers.

  2. You know I UNDERSTAND THIS!!! You can always call US!!!
    Does make your heart skip a beat though.....