Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Some Signs You May Be More than a Casual Coupon User

1. When your children play store, they actually ask you for your coupons while at the register.
2. You talk in code like catalinas, ECB, RR, doubles...
3. You fantasize about a coupon from the past like, remember when we used to get those great free toilet paper coupons for Marcal.
4. If you have less than 5 boxes of cereal in the pantry you are entering crisis mode.
5. There are bags of coupons hanging on your door handle when you get home because your neighbor, mother in law, friend dropped some off for you.
6. When on your walk around the neighborhood, you spot a free paper with coupon inserts that has been sitting on your neighbors driveway for days, you have your child retrieve it for you. Just trying to clean up the neighborhood.
7. Your metal shelves collapsed from all your free pasta and sauce.
8. Your heart starts fluttering when you see someone actually paying for TOOTHPASTE!
9. You have gone through menopause, but you still have plenty of Tampons just in case a friend comes over and needs one. Hey CVS paid you to take them.
10. You buy baseball card inserts even though you are an adult and don't collect baseball cards. ( You know who you are:))
11. You arrive at the grocery store miles from your home only to realize you forgot your coupons. You don't DARE go in without them, so you turn around and drive home adding an extra twenty minutes to your trip!
12. Your four year old gets practicing cutting on what else but coupons!
13. You are thinking about sharing this with your friends, because they too are couponers.

Answer yes to :
Scored 0-4 Get your rear and gear and start saving
Score 4-8 You are on your way.
Score 9-13 We'll see you on the next episode of Extreme Couponer.

I scored 9 on my own list!
I wrote this in fun. I DO NOT endorse clearing shelves or hoarding goods, if you get a good deal donate it to a Woman's Shelter or Food Bank please!!!!


  1. I think I may have a problem saving money... should we start a CA program at the church that enforces our addiction? LOL

  2. I got a zero. Perhaps there is a support group for me.... :)