Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Some Babies Just Don't Sleep...

which means no one does right? We have been blessed with two little ones that have had their fair share of sleep issues. Now I know there are parents out there reading this thinking oh you created those sleep problems if you had just done this or that. Here is the thing, some kids don't sleep well as babies! End of story.
Since they were weeks old, my little ones were put to bed awake. Drowsy not asleep. They were given night time routines, sound machines, let them cry, patted their backs, rocked them, room darkening shades, and so on and so on. With Cole it became an obsession that he would wake up at night and eventually I hit a wall. Guess what I did when I hit that wall? I let him wake up in the middle of the night and (GASP) come into bed with me. It lasted a few weeks till I could trudge on through the screaming. The screaming would go on for two hours straight in the middle of then night, then he would fall over asleep for five minutes and be back up screaming. Thank God he was a good natured kiddo otherwise. Eventually at 20 months without warning, he slept through the night and that was that. Not because some magic cry it out thing worked or the in and out of the room pat him on the back thing was the key. He just slept. With Cecily she still gets up at night and has done it almost every night for a year. When my mom was here babysitting for the night, she screamed for two hours straight before falling over in the middle of the night. This time I am a lot less obsessed or even worried. She sleeps for long stretches, she can put herself to sleep, she will someday sleep at night and then so will I. If you have been blessed with sleepers, count those blessings.
My whole point to this is that had I had two sleepers, I KNOW I would have been the one to say if you would just let the child cry or even think it was the mom's fault. So I am learning my lesson for this the hard way and it is making me a stronger mom, even with the dark circles! Someday soon I will get a whole bunch of hours sleep and I will really appreciate every stinking minute of it, I promise that!!!
I think as parents we need to be more supportive of each other instead of judgmental. I like my children sleeping in their rooms, but should not judge a mom who sleeps with her children. It personally wouldn't be my choice, but then they are not my children. Our children are specially designed just for us and apparently mine have been designed to challenge me more in the night than in the day. So good night to you all that will get a full nights sleep, I must admit I am a bit jealous! I will appreciate those night time snuggles for now, knowing they will end soon.


  1. I always told myself (well am still telling myself since Nathaniel still wakes up a few times/week) that I'm just too cool of a mom and the boys want to spend more time with me. :) But I definitely feel blessed to have those extra night time cuddles that other moms don't get to have.