Monday, May 9, 2011

16 and Pregnant :A Reality I Can't Even Imagine

You may have seen MTV"s reality series 16 and Pregnant. When Rich was working the other night I watched two episodes back to back, staying up way too late and then losing sleep over these girls' reality. In both cases the girls, by my calculations, had been in relationships with the father of their children for about 2-3 months. They were both still together with the fathers by the time they had their children. In both cases though with in days of the baby's birth the fathers were GONE! Now both fathers "tried" to see the kids but it was pretty clear where things were heading.
I can't imagine having an 18 year old right now ( that is the age these girls' children will be when they are my age), but even more can't even imagine bringing home a newborn at the age of 16. It is hard enough at my age and think of all my resources. Before having Cole, I was married, settled in a house, saved a year's salary in preparation and then still knew it would be hard. I know a few girls that did have children in their teens and they raised great kids. I wonder what those nights where the baby would not stop crying or the bank account had a few pennies in it were like.
I was depressed the entire next day thinking about these two girls, because it is not just a show these two girls exist. Right now they are raising babies not much older than Cecily. I pray that they are finding joy in their experiences and can influence others not to be in their same situation.

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