Saturday, May 7, 2011

My Mother Deserves Praises!

I feel like Mother's Day brings up a time where we reflect on our relationships with our mothers. I have friends who have mothers that are not present in their lives and it makes me very sad for them. These are wonderful women, all mothers now too and they deserve that special relationship at this time in their life. I am fortunate, an understatement for sure, to have a wonderful mother and I really try not to take that for granted.
My mom once said to me that her favorite job ever was being a mom. I think anyone knowing her and seeing her in this role you would know that to be true. She does it with ease and enthusiasm, caring for her children and now grandchildren before anyone else. She was never one to put herself first. As a divorced mother in a time when this was not as common place, I imagine it had to be very tough. My mom did the work of two parents often times with ease. She shuttled us around, worked, did all the household stuff and made it look easy. She still has more energy than I do and maybe this time in her life built up her stamina! Now she is a grandmother and does that wonderfully as well. She is my Cole's best buddy. What joy I get watching him chit chat with grammy on the phone planning what they'll do together on their next visit. I probably won't be half the mother she is, but even if I could be half I would be proud of that.
So to all the moms out there Happy Mother's Day!


  1. You already are that kind of mother, Linds!! Someday your kids will write the same thing about you.

  2. What a lovely post about your mom. She is a great mom and grandmother! And I agree with are already that kind of mom!