Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Mom the Worms Can Eat Me

Last week we lost my step grandmother. Cole had gotten to know her over the years visiting in Pennsylvania. He has a good understanding of death. We have shared our beliefs with him and he also attends a Christian Preschool. He often talks about my grandmother who passed away when he was an infant and prays for her in heaven. Even talked to me last week about telling his still alive great grandmother that he wanted her to wait in heaven till he got there. Oh so sensitive so I expected a kind and thoughtful conversation.....

Me:- Where do you think Grandma is now Cole?
Cole: I think her head went to heaven and the rest of her they are cooking her in an oven. Mom, I don't want to be cooked in the oven like you do. I want to be like daddy and the worms could eat me. The oven is hot and scares me, those worms can just eat me up.

So in case you want to have a cremation versus burial debate with your husband while your three year old is seemingly watching The Incredibles in the back seat, you may want to reconsider. They listen to everything!

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