Monday, May 16, 2011

Too Young for Time Out?

My friend Terri recommended I do a post on discipline and Cecily agreed. Well in all honestly the timing just sort of worked out. Cecily had her first little "time out" today. I guess in many eyes one year is too young for a time out, but really what does a time out look like at a year?

Flashback an hour ago to bath time. Both kids splashing in the tub and then getting all too rowdy and splashing water out of the tub vigorously. A warning to Cole, who was following his little sister the leader and she continued on. So I gave her a warning to not splash too much and explained the consequences. Listen, the girl has some amazing receptive language and she got it. Splash again and you'll get out. So splash she did and she promptly went into a ten second time out. I was not prepared and since the bathroom is the size of a postage stamp I stuck her on her little potty..So there she sat and started to make poop pushing sounds. Who does she know that grunts so much when they poop? Point being she didn't splash again when she got back in. So time outs for little ones are really just life interrupted.

Cole had a series of first time outs at 15 months. He then entered a pretty easy period and didn't have many more for months. So our discipline method is time out. Everything is dandy, my kids are angels, ideal really? Well you know the answer to that. I mean Cole is pretty much one of the easiest kids I know, but he has his moments. These moments if video taped would shock all that know him. They involve screaming, kicking, running out of time out, me screaming back throwing him on the couch, threatening to take away the favorite toy of the moment and pretty much restraining him. In those moments of his pure terror, I admit there are times I lose control. Not always but sometimes. That said for the most part the discipline around here has worked. My tips may or may not be of value, because quite honestly every child is different. I imagine Cecily's 2's are going to be horrific, but hey you never know. So here is what has worked thus far with Cole.

1. Keep house rules simplistic.
2. Choose your battles.
3. Don't expect your child to act like an adult, their world most often revolves around who better but themselves.
4. Be consistent and follow through.
5. Don't use empty threats or threaten something that would harm you more than them. ( If you say that we are leaving the party if they don't behave, you had better follow through)
6. Don't be afraid to apologize when you lose your temper.
7. Big rule- don't argue with a child.
8. Try to be positive as much as possible.
9. Step away if you have to.
10. Keep those little monsters fed and well rested and you'll most likely avoid most meltdowns.

Also if all else fails hold the child down and shove food in their throat, wait for the sugar to kick in two minutes later and the child will return to normal or at least that is what happens here!

What is your best discipline tip???


  1. Yay! Thanks so much! Great tips!! I needed this!

    I don't have many tips since I'm a first time mom, but one thing that has really helped me was teaching Ryan the word no as soon as he started crawling, even though he really didn't understand it yet. It helped when he got really mobile that he knew what the word no meant. Now that he's walking and running all over the house, I can say no from across the room and he'll stop doing what he was doing.

  2. sounds like you got an easy one w cole! ;)