Wednesday, May 25, 2011

When You Get Escorted out of the Grocery Store

Well it turned into one of those trips to the Shop Rite today with Cecily. They have all been that way lately where she really is just not into this whole grocery shopping thing.
Things that Annoy her:
  1. Sitting in the cart
  2. Looking at the food and not getting to eat the food.
  3. Sitting in the cart some more
  4. Me holding the coupons while she wants to tear them to shreds.
  5. Me putting food in the cart without her getting to sample it.
  6. Waiting in line without getting to press the credit card pay pad buttons.
  7. Not today but often..Cole getting to be in the play place while she is you guessed it stuck in the cart.
By the end the manager was packing my groceries and they got one of the baggers to escort me to the car with my cart while she flailed about.

Really if you are not saving money at the store with coupons now, your only excuse would be that you have multiples under the age of 2. If I can do it with this little monkey tantruming the whole way then you can do.
Total cost just under $65 with $5 back.
Got lots of Organic this time. The blueberries were $4 but Cecily was dying for them and yes I let her eat them without washing them, again I never claimed to be Mother of the Day:)
Happy shopping!


  1. When Alex hit that phase I started shopping in the evening, after he went to bed. I did that for a long time, because he just wasn't going to cooperate. And then, of course, he was diagnosed with autism and we all went, "Well, duh!"

  2. I just called my husband and said that it looks like I will be soloing it to the store from now on!