Sunday, May 22, 2011

Plenty of Deals at CVS 5/22

I feel like I am seeing lots of worthy deals at CVS every 4 weeks or so and since my $3 of ECB bucks run out today I will be headed over.

First off we are nearly out of tissues and the Puffs are 98 cents. Now I'd rather get tissues for free, but have not seen great deals lately so I think we'll be picking up a few extra boxes to help with all the Seasonal allergies.

Free gum Stride or Trident Vitality buy one for 98 cents and get 98 cents ECB. Also there is a buy one get one Stride coupon floating around and that makes the deal sweeter so you can get two free.

Depending on your grocery store and where you live this may be a decent peanut butter deal especially if you are Skippy loyal. You can buy 6 Skippy Peanut butters for $10 and get $3 back in ECB. That's about $1.17 a jar, not too bad.

Revlon nail color is on sale for $4.99 get $4.00 back and you may be able to use a $1 off Revlon cosmetic coupon making this totally free.

The deal I am going to do is through Suave. I will buy
4 Body washes and 2 deodorants
Total will be $10
Use 2 Buy one Get one free body washes
2 75 cents off deodorants
Get $3 ECB back
Total out of pocket $1.50 for 6 products.
I did this today and the body wash coupon rang for $3, so it was a 50 cents moneymaker.

Also I see they have Old Navy and Gap gift cards buy $50 and get back $5 ECB. Great for a graduate!

So now that my one year old ran off with my CVS ad, I will stop there and wish you luck. What will you be getting this week??

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