Saturday, July 9, 2011

Our Little Calves

It was pouring yesterday and I don't mean for a little bit. The roads were flooding and Rich had to get into work, but we had to do our Chick Fil A for the Cow Appreciation. Cole had made the masks earlier in the day.

So off we went in the pouring rain to the Voorhees Chick Fil A that we love so much! We took our spots and masks in and decorated in the mall so that we would not get everything wet.
Cecily and Cole looked cute even though she pulled her spots off instantly.

They gave us four adult meals free and the usual wonderful customer service.

We even had enough left for lunch today and Rich had time to quick change to his uniform before heading into work. Thanks Chick Fil A!

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  1. We got dressed and on the way out to the car the sky cracked open and poured on us! We were a little soggy but we did get our free food. LOL