Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Witching Hour

Last night we met our friends at Friendly's for a fundraiser for our Mops group. It was a huge success, but even though the service was "friendly" we were there for two hours. That is a lot of time to fill with a busy toddler. On one of our many walks about the restaurant, Cecily and I encountered a mommy with an 11 week old. She stood in the vestibule jostling the baby up and down and I could see the look in her eyes. Same look I had this time last year and so we struck up a conversation ( once you are a mom talking to strangers that are also moms is easy). Turns out that she has two little ones, the older which is 2 and she declared emphatically that they were done. Seems as if her husband was just as quick to schedule his appt. with the urologist as we were here. I passed along a card about our group and watched as she returned to her table. I felt relief, knowing that I would not be that mom ever again. I know in those moments that having these two are the perfect fit for us and if I ever get baby envy I will remember the witching hour!

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