Monday, September 12, 2011

If Parenting Was a Ride Which Would It Be?

It is amazing as a parent how fast a day can turn on a dime. One second I could be telling my friend just how easy Cole is as a 4 year year. So completely sure of myself and then only hours later, he becomes a possessed demon that hisses, spits, and kicks at me. Five minutes later he says mommy I love you this much stretching his arms as far as he can get them to go. In a moment a day can go from good to very bad, then back to good, then bad and then in the middle and you get the picture right.
The younger the child, the less predictable the day and the less control you feel you have. Sometimes I am as calm as can be parenting in the style that I had always imagined. The next moment I am threating and screaming and losing my mind. A preschooler can really push your buttons. If you don't know what I mean then you don't have one yet. I often come to the brink of why me, why are they doing this and then I remember all the parents that have children with special needs. How exhausting can their day be?
Life with kids reminds me a little bit of the one of my favorite rides the Tilt A Whirl. You are riding tickling your tummy laughing and in a minute you are jerked the other direction and feel sore and battered. In the end you get back on because inevitably it is worth the strained neck for the joy of the ride.

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