Wednesday, September 14, 2011

What's Your Favorite NJ Beach?

We were fortunate enough to visit five different beaches this season for day trips. We find that it works best for us to meet up with friends that are staying at a beach so we have access to the bathroom and a quick bath for the kids after a day at the beach. Once we went without that opportunity and it was rather tricky.
This summer we went to
1. Atlantic City (just walked out to the ocean and dipped in our toes)
2. Brigantine
3. Long Beach Island
4. Ocean City
5. Cape May

On the way home from Cape May last night, Rich and I were discussing what beach we like the best. We were able to select the ones we liked the least right off the bat, but had trouble deciding where we would vacation if we had a week. If we had no kids, then we would pick Cape May, loads of dinner choices and little shops. We'd even enjoy a trip on the ferry to Delaware.
With kids, parking is a bit tricky!
I think we decided we liked Long Beach Island would be best since the beaches are less crowded and it is quite pretty. Ocean City is a top contender too of course, since the boardwalk is a nice night out with the kids.

What is your favorite?

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