Friday, September 2, 2011

Personality Test-Ride the Flying Elephant...

Want to know what kind of toddler you have, easy way to find out. Take them on the Flying Elephant Ride at about 1 year old. (or any rocket or airplane ride with a joystick will suffice)

What child do you have??
1. The kind who never gets out of the stroller to even get on the ride, they are too content just sitting there.
2. The kind that thinks they want to ride the elephant until they get on and start to cry.
3. The nervous, sit on mommy's lap and stay low kind of kid.
4. The one who sits next to you waving to others below while you control the movement.
5. The one who reaches to control the movement.
6. The child who stands up, moves the stick so you are as high as you can go, while shaking it so you are jostling up and down and yells more , more.

My older alternated between 4 and 5. My younger, well she is a 6 just like her mom at that age:)
I would have a picture, but really it was all I could do to keep her in the darn thing.

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