Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Beyond Grcoery Coupons

See those cute little faces, well it is no secret that they are getting in the way of my couponing at the grocery store. Cole now wants to actually come with me instead of go in the play place and Cecily has made it her personal goal in life to actually have me almost in tears by the time we reach the freezer department. It is still my goal to go without them, but somehow lately we have managed to go as a threesome. I have the coupons well organized before hand and we tear through the store like a twister. No time to stop and even think about which margarine is the best deal or oh wait I think I actually have a sour cream coupon. So savings remain at about 50%, but spending is up. Our budget can handle it so for my own mental health I am just doing my best to keep everyone happy with food in the house.

CVS however has been my go to as far as perfect savings. Here are my CVS tips if you are new to drug store deals. If you have not signed up for CVS ECB emails, do it now! I get a coupon almost weekly. Usually the best day to shop is either the end Saturday of a sale or the Sunday of the start of a sale. So what I do when I get my $4 off $20 is see if the week we are currently in or the start of the next week is more profitable(Coupons generally expire on Sunday). Also some CVS stores will let you shop both sales on a Saturday night. My store manager is great and substitutes things that are out of stock for me. Since we go there once every one to two weeks, they have gotten to know us.

So you are not into clipping coupons, there are still ways to save. Before you head to the mall always do a check of printable coupons of the stores in which you'll be shopping. Stores like The Children Place and Old Navy almost always have some sort of printable. If you are heading to an office store like Staples, do an internet search of the weekly matchups. We have enjoyed all our free paper, pens, and photo paper.

Eating out at a chain restaurant, then also do a search for printables or sign up for email alerts. Maggianos, Ruby Tuesdays, and Chili's often have coupon deals. Sites like could also be beneficial if you read that fine print carefully! I was able to take my husband out for his birthday dinner at a hibachi restaurant for half the cost, which meant the fancy cocktails were less hard hitting. We don't do many sit down dinners out anymore, due to the angelic faces in the above photo. We still though frequent quick serve places like Baja Fresh and Chick Fil A. While on my own with the kids the past few days we were able to get a free lunch at Chick Fil A and a pizza dinner from Dominoes. Not shabby since my couponing has taken much more of a backseat lately.

Where do you find yourself saving the most?

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