Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Thoughts of Disneyworld Still Turn My Stomach

I know I got you with my title right? Who in their right mind would even think a single negative thought about the "Most Magical Place on Earth?" Well two years after our last visit, I still can't even imagine going with my two little ones because last time we went I was 10 weeks pregnant. Obviously, when we planned the vacation I did not know I would be pregnant. A few months after we made our reservations we were happily expecting. Pregnancy and I don't mix though and add in a 2 year old, 100 degree days, little to no naps which equaled an overly tired child, aches and pains, heart burn, nausea, lines, and a vacation that felt a whole lot more like work than relaxation you can see the deterrent. Of course I would love to go back in a few years. We know now that if we were to go with our four year old who still requires plenty of rest and regular meals to keep him well adjusted and a 18 month old who quite frankly is leash material that it would be more work than magic, so for now the magic waits!

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  1. We are going down on the 28th. Can't wait! Leash material....too funny! Been there...