Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Benefits of a Day with Dad

As I headed off to my Mothers of Preschoolers meeting this morning, the kids who are stuffy from allergies decided to stay with dad instead. I suggested that they spend the day at the Nature Preserve to which Cole responded, "You mean we could go to those places without you mom?" Since I stay at home with the kids, most of my time is committed to being with them. My husband works an odd type of shift work which allows him to be home with us full time many days, which means we are able to do things as a family. Rich's schedule is great for me since I can do errands during the day without the kids. Rarely, though is Rich in a position to take them both out someplace for the day without me.

So as I gathered all my gear for MOPs, the kids and Rich headed out the door on their adventure. I felt literally naked arriving without my two kids. When you are used to the chaos of little ones in certain situations, to not have them there with you is odd. I loved my meeting and was glad that the kids were not there so I could be more helpful.

Though I missed them terribly, I realize that this time alone out with dad is important. Cole was able to share with Rich about some recent "girl" problems and expressed how nice it was to do a "guys' thing." When I asked Cecily what she did today her response was, "daddy daddy." Yes, they forgot the lunch I packed and ate juice, cookies and fruit snacks(at least they were organic). Yes, they came home filthy, but the had a great time! So this is a reminder to all moms that even though we want to be there for everything, sometimes the best choice is to sit it out not only for yourself but for your kids too.


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  2. Following you through GFC Tip Toe Tuesday Blog Hop