Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Hidden Treasure

A few months ago while out on a Sunday drive we stumbled upon a nature preserve. Unsure what it was we turned back and continued pretend house shopping. Today we visited the Woodford Cedar Run Wildlife Refuge using our Discovery Museum passes. It was such an awesome experience for all of us. We were the only ones there so we got extra special attention!
We started the visit by petting some snakes and a cool turtle.

Then we moved on to the hands on exhibit until a little owl came in to visit with us.

After our visit at the Nature Center, we took a nice hike to see all the rescued animals. We needed a little fuel to get us through the walk.

We visited with all the rescued animals. My favorite was the fox, who had dug a cozy hole to hang out in.

Cole loved the Eagles.

Cecily almost go her fingers nipped by the turkey buzzards, it is a hands on exhibit.

After a short walk over the bridge and near the swan, we had a picnic in their beautiful new pavilion.

Memberships for families are only $30 and so worth it. Once our Discovery Pass runs out, we will certainly be joining here. They have a toddler program, home school program as well as educational programs for older children and adults. You can check it all out on the website. I told them that I would spread the word and send lots of preschoolers their way! I hope you love it as much as we did.

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