Saturday, November 5, 2011

Hurry Inexpensive Holidy Cards

Last year I ordered two different sets of photo Christmas cards. One set was from Vista print where I paid a decent price and the others I paid just shipping from See Here. Guess which ones were better, the ones from See Here.

I just order my first set of 20 cards for $1.49 shipped from See Here.
Select a 4x8 photo card and create your card, make a set of 20.
At checkout enter the code 25cards
Your total should go down to $1.49

I will make my next set through Shutterfly, where I usually buy all my pictures. I won a set of 25 cards through Free 2 Be Frugal and am excited to create those.

Hope you are able to make some great masterpieces!


  1. Guess what?

    Rite Aid is offering 15 free 4×8 photo cards (must pick up instore to get them completely free)

    Use code: FREECARDS

  2. Thanks both of you... I was able to get 55 cards for 3.19... not bad...