Thursday, November 3, 2011

Laying the Groundwork

When dealing with young children, you often have to do lots of prep work as damage control. Tomorrow Cecily goes in for her 18 month appointment. She is not exactly a fan of being told to do anything she doesn't want to do especially when it involves cold hands poking and prodding her. So the conversation has already begun and we have practiced breathing deeply, touching her tummy, opening her mouth. We will bring in a doll for the doctor to practice on first, since that helped last time. Tomorrow morning our medical kit will come out and we'll review all the instruments the doctor will use. It won't make the visit magical or happy and bright but it will make it survivable or so I hope!

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  1. Good luck Linds! We did B's 4 year check up this morning. There were lots of tears before we left over us explaining that she needed the shots to stay healthy but she told us after it was over...that wasn't so bad...but no shots next year. Sam was genius...during the visit right before the shots...he put on some fun kids music on his iphone and we were singing and dancing and had a lollipop waiting for immediately after the shots! Less than 25 seconds of tears! Couldn't have gone any better!