Sunday, October 30, 2011

Every Day is Crazy Hair Day at This House

Both my kids have cowlicks. They are strong and up in front! With Cole's we keep his hair cut short and it works fine. With Cecily it has become a nightmare. No bowl cut for her since she can't have bangs, so we must grow out her hair. This hair is wispy and pretty thin and conveniently covers one eye. She looks at me with a shifty grin and runs screaming, "No, no" each time I try to put a clip in.

I used to have luck with getting the clip in till she realized it was there, tore it out exclaiming, "uh-oh." I would be able to try it again later in the day.

Sometimes I could even get in a little rubber band that would stay for an entire day.

Lately, though she won't let me touch her, even with a bribe of a little Elmo time, even when I say it would be being a good girl. She looks at me with shifty eyes, screams "No, No" and runs. So for now she has a crazy unattended, my mom doesn't care about me or have a clue how to do my hair kind of look.


  1. That was ME as a child... hell still!
    Good luck- keep it short.

  2. My son has a bad cowlick on the top of his head..we call it the hurricane cuz it looks like one. we cant cut it too short just that part sticks straight up while the rest of his hair goes down flat. new follower


  3. Thanks! The hair is a challenge:)

  4. We went through that phase. We would take B to school everyday, hair washed but uncombed and unruley.I swear her teachers looked at me like I was a bad mom. One day she ran over to her teacher and her teacher took out the comb we had sent in for her and she started to comb B's hair. She let her teacher comb her hair right in front of me with no fuss at all while all I got was throw herself on the floor tantrums when I tried to do it! I couldn't believe it! She grew out of it thankfully, with the purchase of several different combs and brushes, finding one she liked that didn't "pull" her hair! Give it time!