Monday, November 21, 2011

A Real Christmas Tree is Right for Me!

We've never had an artificial tree, even when I had an apartment my mom got me a little potted evergreen that I decorated with tiny ornaments. When I was a child, my brother and I each had a tree in our bedrooms decorated with our own ornaments and twinkle lights. In actuality it was just a branch, but we loved it all the same. This year we will have our traditional freshly cut tree in the living room and Cole is going to have his own tree fresh from our farm to decorate in his bedroom.
Freshly cut trees can be expensive, messy and even a fire hazard, but there is nothing that can replace the smell and feel of a real tree.
Are we the only ones left getting a real tree? These days I feel like it!


  1. I have never liked the real trees... I have a beautiful artificial tree that decorates beautifully...
    To each their own. Have a Merry Christmas !!!

  2. I love, love the smell of pine trees! I would have one in every room if the cat did not fancy them! I use branches everywhere I can in the house for the fragrance! Love your blog! visitng from SheSpeaks!