Wednesday, December 21, 2011

No Elf Lives Here

In all the chaos of Christmas prep, I have found an easy thing to skip is the Elf on the Shelf. Sure I have occasional elf envy when I see one cooking breakfast for the family, or decorating the tree, or playing trains but really I would have to create those moments and more importantly add an additional responsibility to my list each night. I can't even remember to do the Advent every day, so the elf is out of the question. No harm, no foul or so I thought.
Then yesterday Cole asked why he does not have an elf. I played dumb of course, knowing in the pit of my stomach that he too had been privy to the cool elf stories that I had been seeing blasted across my Facebook page. What are you talking about Cole, what elf? His response, Annie's elf does cool things every day and she tells us all about it. All my friends at school have elves. Being the good parent I am, I tried explaining that he wouldn't want that elf. Well Cole then we could get an elf, but you are so well behaved I don't think we need it. No mom guess we don't but I think maybe we need one for Cecily. He has me there, maybe I need to get one on after Christmas clearance. Foiled by a 4 year old!


  1. Thanks for following me, I'm following you back.

    We have an elf and somes he moves many times a day and somedays he sits there. My daughter has become obsessed checking to see if he has moved. Like 5 times before she goes to bed.

    I have explained he moves less and less the closer we get to Christmas b/c of the timing to get to the North Pole.

    Love your posts.


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  3. hahaha - you bad mom you!
    We have an Elf but I forgot all about him until one of my kids asked where Moopa was. I said he was busy and I'm sure he will be here soon. So our Elf has only been here since yesterday. You could always say Elfs don't stay at good children's houses because there is no need to spy on them for Santa - they are already on the good list. But that may cause problems if your kid tells another kid "my mom said you are bad because an Elf is at your house". OR if your kids starting getting in trouble purposely just to get an Elf. lol