Monday, December 19, 2011

Tales from the Toilet

Cecily has started using the potty sometimes at home and I learned two lessons all within an hour.

1. Be prepared to dig out small items such as hair bows from the toilet. I suppose it got too boring waiting for the action to start, but at least she told me uh oh when I went in to check. Luckily, this happened with only a tinkle in toilet, but still really gross.
2. Little girls, dresses, and independent toileting don't mix. Sadly the gross factor was larger, enough said.

We are months away from actual potty training in public, but my friends who have girls have prepared me I think. I know I need a potty seat to carry around and a small potty in my car. Gosh I wish she could just pee on a tree.


  1. The joys of boys and trees. I'll be putting Theo on the potty much earlier than I did with Jonah. Famous last words!!!!! Good luck.

  2. My mom had bought my daughter a fold up princess seat for potty training on the go, it is the perfect size and fits easily into my purse.
    Thanks for the follow, I am following you back.