Saturday, January 21, 2012

From Our Book Shelf

Children's books are a passion for me. Even when I was 19 and studying to become a teacher I was already building up my children's literature collection. My own children have reaped the benefits of mom's love of books as evidenced by our overflowing book shelves. I hope to share with my readers some picture books worth taking out of the library or purchasing for your collection.
Tonight's pick is
How Are You Peeling?
We love this book not only for its creative use of fruits and veggies, but also for its content. The text is rhythmic and holds even the little ones attention. Read it once for the story and then again to take a closer look at the amazing photography used to make the produce come to life!
Recommended for children who can listen to a short book (aka my toddler) through third grade.

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