Thursday, January 12, 2012

Getaway at the Oyster Point Hotel

You may remember about a year ago Rich and I had a splendid getaway at the Hershey Hotel, well I got another night away from the kids but this time I spent it with some wonderful friends. Three of my oldest( not in that way) friends and I try to get together at least twice a year. We have finally progressed to a point where we are able to take time to do kid free 24 hours stints. Since we all live in New Jersey and New York, we are always trying to find a central location to meet. This time we found the perfect spot in Red Bank, New Jersey. After researching hotel choices on Tripadvisor, we decided on staying at the Oyster Point Hotel.

We arrived before noon, but were pleased to get an early check in. The weather was glorious that day so we were able to take the walk to the downtown area which had lots of shops and numerous restaurant choices. Our pick for lunch Surf Taco, which was such a tasty surprise and of course we could pass up stopping by one of the cupcake shops for a treat. After an afternoon out and about, we returned to our hotel.

If you have the chance to stay at the Oyster Point Hotel, you must get a waterfront room. One of the beautiful waterfront estates across the way was still lit up for the holidays and it was breathtaking. Our room was a good size and the decor was updated as well. We choose a local BYOB Thai place for dinner that was just a short walk away. This is one of the best parts of our stay, since we never had to drive. The next morning we enjoyed a gourmet breakfast at The Pearl restaurant right in our hotel. Our waterfront table was so relaxing! The service at our hotel exceeded our expectations, which is a true benefit of staying at a smaller hotel that treats you as a valued customer.
It was only 24 hours away from home, but we all enjoyed every minute of our time together. Sometimes parents forget how important it is to take time for themselves, but though I missed my family and vice versa I returned a happy and healthier mom. We will do another trip to Red Bank and the Oyster Point Hotel, it was only an hour and 15 minutes away from all of us and the perfect place for a getaway!


  1. Born and raised in Red bank, I watched them build the Oyster Point, I celebrated my 21st birthday there with my now husband of 15 years, and years later worked at one of the neighboring buildings. Growing up on the Navesink River and playing, shopping, working and going to school along that wonderful amazing Broad Street really shaped me as a person. A small town girl. I have since moved, but visit OFTEN. My parents still live in a 125 year old Victorian house one block from Downtown Red Bank, the most amazing place EVER. Glad you enjoyed it! Makes up locals proud! Ya'll come back now! Ya hear??? (especially in the summer, the festivals at Marine Park are AHHH-MAZING!)

    1. It was a really neat trip and a hidden gem in NJ as far as I am concerned. We are supposed to head back in Mayish for another go round. I love that waterfront!