Thursday, January 12, 2012

When a TV Series that Makes a Difference Says Good Bye

All TV shows inevitably end. I have loved CSI and Law and Order Special Victims Unit, but have now deemed them unwatchable. So all TV must come to an end even good series. Sadly that means shows that make a difference and improve lives also will eventually finish their run, ladies I am not talking about The Bachelor here. I noticed this year that America's Most Wanted which had been on the air since the 80's is now gone. Although this show was a frightening reminder of what is wrong with our society, it served a wonderful purpose. Through this program over one thousand fugitives have been captured.
Another show that will soon be ending is Extreme Makeover Home Edition. Although I have long since moved on from watching them move that bus each week, it is still a show with value. I have several families in mind who could really benefit from this shows' extreme generosity.

Can you think of another TV program that makes a difference?

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