Monday, January 30, 2012

It's Like Riding a Bike

It has been almost five years since I worked outside the home, like in a real paying job. At first I was going to work part time teaching and then I thought maybe I would substitute teach a day or two a week, but I have never spent a single day back inside the classroom as a paid teacher. I really do not know how I feel about this. When I left the world of education the prospect of me getting a job was pretty certain being that Special Education teachers were highly in demand. Time has passed and budgets have tightened and subsequently teachers have been laid off. Would I even be able to secure a job now? Who would I even be able to use as references? All these things loom somewhere in my mind, but for now I am happy to be where I am in life busy putting in 15 hour non paying days. That is right my child had me up way before 6:00 today, yawn....
I was so fortunate today to get to get a feel for the classroom life again while helping in a class at my son's school. First I want to say I really appreciate them even asking for my help, because as a mom who stays home it feels good to be recognized for being more than that. The moral of the story is it is a bit like riding a bike, sure I was not functioning as the teacher I once was but I still had something to share and that is a start.


  1. Well said!

    And that same activity--helping in the kiddo's school---got me a job back in teaching after a very long hiatus as a stay at home mom.


  2. Heya dear - I was honored with the Versatile Blogger Award
    and now am passing on the luv to you: