Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Ones Who Clear the Way in the Face of Danger

You are a soldier waiting in your convey to safely pass through to deliver supplies, but there is a suspected explosive device blocking your path, you need to get through so an EOD is called in to render the IED safely. An EOD (Explosive Ordance Disposal) can be military or civilian such as a bomb squad. When everyone else is evacuating a bomb scene they are the ones coming in to make sure the device is disarmed and disposed of safely. As you can imagine such a dangerous and selfless occupation comes with great risk. Many EODs are injured and those injuries are generally severe. The Wounded EOD Foundation was formed to give the wounded EODs and their families the services they need. This can come in the form of a high tech prosthetic , updating a home so it is accessible or providing a service animal to an EOD who has a traumatic brain injury. All these services come at a cost and the Wounded EOD Foundation depends on donations to be able to make sure these heroes are given the services they so rightfully have earned.
My friend Lori was the one who shared with our family about this Foundation. We have such admiration and appreciation for EODs and their service. Lori is going to be participating in the Polar Bear Plunge which raises money for the Wounded EOD Foundation. It takes place on February 11th in Virginia. She hopes to raise $1,000 in support of the Foundation. Please consider a donation no matter how small to this cause and if you are not able to give perhaps share about this foundation with your friends and family. If you would like to give to Lori Dunn's efforts you can do through a check or by credit card/paypal on the Wounded EOD Foundation Site. Please just leave her name in the comment section. This is a small way to thank those who have given in sacrifice for our safety. Good luck Lori on your plunge and if the temperatures stay like they are today then it may not be too much like a polar bear plunge after all!


  1. Thank You Lindsey, I know the Wounded EOD Foundation really appreciates the chance to get the word out about the work they do. Any help they can get throughout the year is appreciated.
    If anyone watched the movie "The Hurt Locker" that is the job that these men and women perform (without the Hollywood drama) but once they don the suit- it is all the same. Especially in todays world- doing a dangerous job in a violent area of the world.
    I am excited to go to VA and do this plunge... last time it was 36 outside and the water was 34 in the river....
    I will have pics of me doing the plunge... I have a unique costume for the costume contest also...
    Thanks again for helping me get the word out. I really hope to make the $1000. mark this year.
    Lori Dunn

  2. As an 88M (motor transport operator "aka" truck driver) for the Army who spent a year in Iraq and completed over 200 convoys, I can attest to how important EOD was to our missions. We could not have done our job without them clearing the way for us first, or coming in when we found new IEDs. My donation has been made. Good luck, Lori, and HAVE FUN! I hope the weather stays warm for your plunge :-)