Monday, January 16, 2012

A Little Sugar with Your Cereal??

I remember those moments in the grocery aisle begging my mom to buy the sugar cereal, just this once please??? What did we get, puffed wheat and oatmeal.
Now fast forward 30 years and I am the mom. Luckily my kids are not begging for special cereal, it is my husband that is craving Cookie Crisp " Oh please just this once."
Around here, I don't have a no sugar cereal ever policy but we don't eat anything that is too terrible or do we? I don't know what is healthy since they seem to market everything to seem healthy when later we actually find out that good stuff was just sugary as Fruit Loops.

Our top cereals Oatmeal, Rice Krispies, Rasin Bran and Special K with Red Berries. Oh yeah and then making a frequent apperance is the probably not good for you Frosted Mini Wheats. Check out the cereals that made the best and worst list. What is on your pantry shelves?

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  1. I used to buy 4 boxes of cereal every weekend. It would get my husband and I through the week and and then some. I've officially stopped buying cereal because: the tasty kind is not good for you (as you've pointed out!), and I can never stop at one bowl! Now I do oatmeal, eggs, smoothies (with greek yogurt), or whole wheat pancakes. I feel so free when I walk by the cereal aisle these days :)