Monday, January 9, 2012

Rated P V for Everyone

Here is what we are talking about tonight, private parts you know maybe you call it veejay, pee pee, or actually the real terms like vagina or penis. My husband almost faints that I actually use the real words with our kids. After growing up with the words winkie, I thought being just straightforward would work best. It has not scarred the children, I assure you.

If you are of the share and learn persuasion or if you have kids that are the constant asking type, then there is a book written just for you to use. My friend Monica has suggested it and I have spent time reading the splendid reviews on Amazon. Monica has a seven year old andshe is always a few steps ahead of me in the parenting department, so I can always learn from her experiences. The book she has used is called Who Has What! by Robbie H. Harris. Monica said that there were parts she used with her four year old and others she did not feel she was ready for yet. So if your little one needs a little more explanation beyond the basics, then this may be worth a second look. Sometimes when you don't have the right words, it is best to find someone who does. I know I could have used this last week when my son asked me about his two marbles....

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