Friday, January 6, 2012

Try Peeled Snacks Free

She Speaks is giving you the opportunity to sample and review peeled snacks. First you need to go to She Speaks and join. After that as long as you live in an area accepting the peeled snack free product coupon, you will be eligible. In NJ you can get them through Shop Rite and in PA through Price Chopper among a few others. You can share this post on your Facebook page so other friends can participate. If you have any issues, please e mail me since I can contact their person running this campaign.
Update, you will get a free coupon with value up to $4.99 as well as additional discount coupons to use at the store. If you are not able to participate, but would like to get a discount on peeled snacks then use the code shespeaks at check out of the peeled site for a $10 off discount.

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