Sunday, February 26, 2012

TV or Internet- What Would You Choose?

If you had to cut something, either TV or Internet what would you choose?  Now mind you this choice would have you unable to watch TV through your internet since this is truly just a hypothetical question.

I personally would hate to choose either.  Until recently at our farmhouse we only had the basic channels and nothing else.  Now that we have an IPad and Iphone, we are back to being connected to the internet.  It is nice to unplug to some extent, but can be restrictive when someone is waiting on something through email.  I think I could easily have just the basic four major channels if I had DVR capability.  Our society is so internet driven, it would be difficult to not have it.  My other in law has no internet and it can be tricky as companies reference you to their website and forms for the government are most easily submitted online.  She has to use our internet every so often to get things done, or should I say we do it for her since she is not proficient.  I am getting off track here.  I think if I had to pick something to keep, I think it would be the internet so I could keep connected with others.  What would you select?


  1. So you mean NO TV via the internet... I still would take the internet.
    I don't watch that much TV, I DVR most of the things I want to watch and wait till all have retired to bed to watch. Many times I just delete coz I don't have time.
    On the other hand I WOULD BE LOST without internet. I listen 24/7 to a radio station out of Dallas Tx, KHYI- that plays the kind of Texas country music I love. I even have an app for that for my iPhone so I can listen to it.
    I wouldn't want to give up my FaceTime with my GKids, it has been so special to see and be a part of family gatherings LONG DISTANCE via the web. Much less my email and fb connections with family- we are spread out all over the country.
    So you can take my TV... BUT leave my WEB ALONE!

  2. i would keep the internet because you can watch videos and shows online...
    also when i am on the internet, i don't have the tv turned on.
    my kids and husband watch tv for maybe 2 hours each night and we could spend that time doing something productive.