Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Crocs Score!

Last year Cole wore a pair of hand me down "Doggers, " which is is basically a fake brand of Crocs.  His official last pair of Crocs are from two years ago and he still squishes his toes in them.  Those I got for $15 on the Crocs' website, which was a great deal.  Cecily's Crocs from last year I scored at a yard sale before she was born for $1 and after too may months in them and frost on the ground they were hidden.  We are headed off to Williamsburg soon and Cecily needed a new set of Crocs.  Zulily had a fairly good deal, but with shipping and an unknown ship date the deal looked less appealing.  So tonight we headed out for Crocs and scored a really simple deal at Marshalls.  $12.99 for a set of last year's style.  They had a few styles and plenty of sizes to choose from.  Our Marshalls has a wonderful shoe section for kids and I saw really cute Chicka Chicka Boom Boom rain books for $12.99!  Where do you like to score great summer shoe deals?

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